Summer Reading by Bella Hathaway and Ashley Owen

What’s worse than reading a book you’re not interested in? Taking the test of the book you did not read. Most high school students don’t even bother reading over the summer. We get two months and maybe a week or so of summer break. Students typically go on vacation, spend time with friends, or have summer conditioning. Although we do not have weekly school sessions, we do have a summer assignment, to pick between two or three books pre decided to read over the summer. Sometimes we can get the book from a upperclassmen or if we’re lucky we can rent it from the library, but in most cases students need to buy the book. You’re paying for a book that you’re most likely not going to read, because let’s face it, we’re teenagers and we procrastinate. We then return the next school year to fail the test, sophomore Jessica Weirsimia says “It just measures how well you remember the book.”  Which then brings down our english grade that will take the whole semester to bring back up. According to summer reading accounts for two thirds of the achievement gap between lower income students and their more affluent counterparts by ninth grade. Once you reach highschool more opportunities open up. Students get jobs to start helping pay for their after high school endeavors. We don’t have as much time as we did when we were younger. Some incentives to get high school students make time for summer reading is some more selection on the books or you pick summer reading and instead of a big test when we return to school instead we could write an essay about the book. This might help students in our want to read the book and hopefully make the summer reading program here at Hanover more effective.

Summer Reading By Xander Hernandez

The Summer Reading is to help students get good grades at the beginning of the school year. Although not all the students like this idea, the Summer Reading will not be going away any time soon. Some students do enjoy this idea, but a lot of the kids who do enjoy the Summer Reading do not enjoy the books that we have to choose from.

When I hear about the Summer Reading I always try to find a book that I have heard of and that I think will be easy to understand. Most of the time the books that we are given are not very interesting. Last year as a freshman, I read the book Life of Pi. I chose this book because I knew there was a movie about it as well, so I thought that this would be an easy book to understand. This book was very interesting as well as the movie was. I would like to watch the movie again, but I do not own a copy of the disc.

Summer Reading is pointless mainly because 87% of students do not even consider opening the book to the first page. Some students will read some of the pages and then never touch the book again.

According to the atlantic article 63% of people do not read for fun.

No More Summer Reading by Ryan Breedlove, Grand Dickerson, Mathew Stewart, and Zack Wilson

Is summer reading a necessary thing for high school students? Summer reading is when a teacher assigns a book for their students to read over the summer and then when the students come back they have a test on the book , and it is worth 10%. Summer reading is a pester to do over summer and no one enjoys it.  According to most of the kids at hanover, they say that they have not even read the book. Why assign work over the summer when we are not in school for a reason and knowing that more than half the school doesn’t even do it. We are in school each year for about 10 months and out of school for 2 months. We should be using that time for ourselves instead of having to stress over an upcoming test right when school gets out. Natalie Novarita a Hanover Central High School student in tenth grade says “I think summer reading is a waste of time in the summer because we have so much time in school to read the books.”

According to the Atlantic post most kids don’t even read their summer reading assignments and they just look up summaries.

Summer Reading By: Kyle Anderson, Charlie Grill, Brenden Bonner, and Tyler Fruehling

Summer reading is something that all high schoolers have to do, it is a high schooler’s worst nightmare. Although most of us don’t do it in the three months of summer and we all stress about it the week before school starts to go back , it can benefit us but it is never the kids top priority. Summer reading is an automatic zero to your english grade if you don’t do it. Summer reading keeps students in the school mode, but it’s something that most students don’t even do it. Book choices are limited and I feel there should be a lot more options so kids can be more interested in what they are reading. Hanover Central Sophomore Brenden Boner says ¨I love summer reading and I think we should keep it.” All the kids that say they “read” the book really just look up the summary and study it. For some students it can be hard to concentrate over the summer because of all of the distractions outside of school life. For some kids they have sports all summer long or other activities that they can’t read a whole book. Summer reading is a huge percent of your grade, so if you fail your test it will be very hard to get your grade back up.

Summer Reading by Dominic Lucido, Jackson Foreman, and Dominic DeBartolo

Summer reading should be a requirement for all of highschool students. We feel this way for plenty of reasons but mostly because teenagers need to keep their brain running. Over the summer almost all of high school students do not even open a book. Sophomore student, Dominic DeBartolo, stated “Reading is like working out. After a while if you stop working out you will become more weak.”  By reading over the summer the students will improve their comprehension and keep their brains running on their two month off over the summer. According to the article “Why Is Summer Reading So Important for Kids’ Success?” it states that “A University of Tennessee, Knoxville, research study shows that children who don’t read over the summer lose at least two months of reading development.” Schools usually have a variety of books to choose from to read over the summer so it makes it better for the students to be able to pick which book they prefer. Students do not just get forced into reading one individual book that they have no interest in. This makes it more likely for the kids to read the book that is assigned. This is why we believe summer reading is necessary for the success of students, and without it students could be losing vital information.

Summer Reading Nicole Novorita, Camryn Sterkowitz, Natalie Novorita, Andrea Avila

Every year Hanover Central High School has all of their students participate in summer reading. Each grade receives three books to choose from and only have to choose one, while all of the honor students must read two. At the start of the next year, all students are given a comprehension test over their chosen book. Many students are against the idea of summer reading due to summer being a time for vacations, sports , and hanging out with friends. “Since it’s summertime, we have longer practices due to us not having school, so summer reading affects my limited free time with my crazy karate schedule,” a sophomore, Matthew Stewart explained.  Most of the students in our school who are participating in sports during the summer months, they rely on this time to better their performance. According to, “Summer reading assignments and quizzes and book reports don’t teach our students how to be readers.” A lot of high school students are preoccupied over the summer. Summer break is only twelve weeks, and have school for the other forty weeks of the year. Students should not have to worry about school assignments every day of the year. The summer is supposed to be a vacation for both teachers and students from school, therefor summer reading shouldn’t be an added stressor to both the teachers and students.


Coding and Advanced Coding New Class By Xander Hernandez

Adding a coding class option in school can be very beneficial to students who are hoping to become video game designers in the near future. Learning how to create websites and possibly video games can be a very fun job to have. Although learning how to use websites like Unity may be difficult, it can be rewarding to those who want to take advantage of this.

One of my friends Aaron, wanted this class very badly. There was an opportunity for this class near the end of the first semester last year. He was told to get some paper and collect the names of the students who also wanted to take this class. Aaron later found out that this class was canceled for reasons that we have not been told of. He was very frustrated about this.

One of the most popular games going by the name Cuphead was made by using the website Unity and has been played by many hardcore gamers. This game is known to be very difficult and is not meant to be played by casual gamers. This game will put your patience, memory, timing, friendship, and skill to the test.

National Pizza Day By: Kyle Anderson

National Pizza Day is observed on February 9th. Pizza is a delicious food with many different varieties, shapes, and sizes. Whether it’s a 4-inch stuffed crust pizza in downtown Chicago, or a paper thin slice from New York City, people will eat pizza for the rest of their lives. According to National Day Calendar on average, Americans consume twenty-three pounds of pizza each year! Regardless of what this statistic says about our health, it proves that people LOVE pizza. According to National Day Calendar almost 17 percent of all restaurants in the United States are pizza places; many have their very own dough, sauce, cheese, favorite sausage, etc. On February 9 head to your favorite pizza parlor and enjoy your favorite New York style thin crust or Chicago style deep dish.

National Love your pet day. By: Jack Kuiper

Do you have a pet? If so, you probably love that pet.  According to National Day Calendar, approximately 3.2 million pets are adopted a year. Every February 20 is National Love Your Pet Day, and you should set aside some time to show your pet some extra attention; for example, you can take them on a walk or even just give them a treat. Spoil your pets on this day because they deserve it! I have a cat, Roxanne, and she is mean, but she still deserves the love on her special day.  So even if you don’t like your pet you should give it your love!

National Pancake Day by: Zach Willson

February 27th is not just any ordinary day. It is National Pancake Day, but it has a more complex meaning than just a day to celebrate the tasty breakfast delight we all love. IHOP has taken charge of this national day, and they can even change the date when it happens. IHOP restaurants began National Pancake Day in 2006. According to National Day Calendar, “Since that day, they have raised $24 million for charities.” 2018 is a new year, and you should start that new year with a new tradition. Start making your way down to IHOP for a free breakfast and to support a charity.