Going For Gold

Hanover Central’s marching band, The Pride, traveled to Hobart High School last Saturday, Sept. 24 for a marching band invitational. After performing a Star Wars themed piece, they were awarded Gold, the first for Hanover Central in  50 years. I talked to senior Brianna Dingey and she said ” Everyone was really emotional when we found out we got gold. We worked really hard all summer for this moment and I’m proud of everyone.” The Pride’s final competition is this Saturday Oct. 1 at Crown Point High School.

Abby Smith

Hanover Central Student Media

A New Slate for Hanover Central Girls Basketball


After coach Doug Nelson resigned from Hanover as the Girl’s Basketball and Boy’s Baseball coach, players from both teams have been waiting to find out who is going to take his place. After weeks of anticipation, the decision was finally made. The girls team was called to a meeting to meet their new coach. Current AAU coach and previous Referee for girls and boys basketball, Luis Roldan is named the new head coach. With his experience as both a coach and ref, Roldan is excited to start the season. The girls are also eager to begin the season with a brand new coaching staff.

Sarah Blue, Design Editor

Hanover Central Student Media

Singing The Notes For Success

Hanover Central’s Show Choir is preparing for their first concert. Thursday, Sept. 22 was the  first official practice. All the students are anxious to sing and dance there way onto the stage. This year more than half the class contains new members so the amount of excitement is pretty high. This year’s Homecoming theme is Disney and the choir always tries to incorporate the theme in their fall concert. So watch out for some disney songs coming your way from the Hanover Central show choir!    

Emma Frey,

Senior Editor

The New Senior Class Sponsors

Mrs. Suarez has been a teacher at Hanover Central for four years now. She teaches physical education and health, and she is also the head coach of the softball team. Mrs. Suarez has been a class sponsor every year she has taught at Hanover Central. At her previous school, she was also a class sponsor for three years. During her first at Hanover, she was the junior class sponsor and in her second year she followed the juniors in to their senior year and remained their class sponsor. She has filled the positions of two former teachers that have left the school, Mr. Hill and Mrs. Bult. After their departure, Mrs. Suarez the position as the senior class sponsor for the class of 2017. During an interview with Mrs. Suarez I asked her if it is a challenge being a class sponsor. She replied by stating “Being a class sponsor is not hard work, but there is a lot of it.” Mrs. Suarez gave me list of events she organizes. These included the following: homecoming decorations, homecoming float, the powder puff football game, field trips, T-shirts, orders for caps and gowns, the senior picnic, panoramic senior picture, and graduation. She also went on to state “it’s time consuming”. Mrs. Suarez definitely has the experience of being an effective class sponsor and she has done well her past years at Hanover Central. It is safe to say that the class of 2017 is in safe hands.

Jake Gilliam,

Business Manager

GSSC Football Giants


Friday, Sept. 23, our unbeaten Hanover Central Wildcats face off against the Whiting Oilers. After jumping to a 5-0 start for the first time in school history, Hanover is scheduled to play the top ranked, and defending state runner ups in Indiana class 2A. Students and fans have been planning on attending the away game in mass amounts. The theme, blackout. Be there at 7 p.m. to support the Wildcats in pursuit of their first conference title.


D.J. Fezler, Newspaper Manager


Joe Kowalczyk, Morale Chair


All Subjects Matter

After surveying 20 students from all four grades at Hanover Central high school, I have gained an idea of what some of the student’s favorite subjects are. In the freshman class, it seems apparent that Spanish is their favorite subject. Like the freshman, the sophomore’s favorite subject is also Spanish. As for the juniors, their favorite subject is science. And finally, the the seniors favorite subject is a tie for english and social studies. Although only a small amount of the student body was surveyed, we have received a glimpse of what their favorite subjects are. 

Reilly Parker,

Hanover Student Media

Class of 2018!

class2018Attention, class of 2018! We have some important events coming up this September and October. On Sept. 23, we are decorating the class hallway for homecoming week right after school until completed. Please stay after and help! On the 29th of September, our class has a float for the homecoming parade. Our float’s theme is Pirates of the Caribbean. Be at the American Legion at six thirty p.m. After the parade, the Powder Puff football game will start. Stay and cheer on the class of 2018! Also, on Oct. 4, there will be a prom meeting in the media center during SRT.  Hope to see you there!


Molley Lanham,

Hanover Central Student Media



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