One students exciting year

This is my seventh year in 4-H, and I am the treasurer of Saddle and Spurs 4-H Club. I have done many 4-H projects as well as community services. Like the different animal projects as well as all the different variety of crafts.
I did many projects for the 4-H building. I did a reclaim treasure project with my first pair of cowgirl boots, and I received A honor. I received champion on my jewelry project that consisted of earrings, a bracelet, and a ring. I received an A for my basket that was blue with hints of pink. I received an A on my ceramic project that I painted identical to my rabbit. I also received an A for my wearable art that was skates that I designed on a T-Shirt. I received an A on my string art project that I made for my dog that was hit by a car. I also received an A at state on my sewing project.
I did very well in my animal projects. For my cat project, I got a champion out of the short hair intermediate class. I received A on my cat poster and an A in showmanship. I was reserve grand champion out of the entire cat show. As for the dog, I was the champion in obedience and reserve champion in showmanship. I also received champion in costume and an A in the rally and a B on my poster. As for rabbit, I got a champion in the Havana breed and got a champion in showmanship out of the entire show. I also got an A on my rabbit poster. As for the horse, I received an A on my poster and an A for my demo. However my horse went lame for showmanship and my western horsemanship class so I received a C in both of those classes. I also participated as the co-captain of the color guard and drill team.
I participated in many community services and helped the ambassadors with their projects. For example, I helped Josephine Gianni with the reading club at Jane Ball. I also helped with the angel tree wrap at Jane Ball. I also helped Josephine with her project with the Kids from Chicago. Then I helped Abigail Dewitt with the rocket activity at Jane Ball. I also participated in the cookie drive for junior leaders. I also worked at the Schwan’s ice cream truck for junior leaders. I also brought the geraniums to Wittenberg Village with Shelby Blink.
Overall, I have had a great year and I hope that every year will be just as great. I will continue to keep helping other people and I hope there are more people for me to help in the future. Slowly but surely I hope to make a difference in the community. I would like to thank everyone for letting me be a part of this positive experience. Thank you.

Playing for a Cause

I’m Michael Biegel and I am a sophomore here at Hanover. I came up with the Defeat Cancer project while watching college baseball. I saw a commercial where a boy with cancer got to spend the day with the TCU baseball team, and it made me want to help others. Later, I contacted Jon Lester’s foundation and received a response that the foundation would support me in my endeavor. The reason I decided to take on this project is because I’m a healthy 16-year-old boy, and not all kids are as healthy as I am. The way the project works is that for every hit/strikeout, people will pledge me and all of he money will go to Jon Lester’s pediatric cancer research foundation.

Michael Biegel

Ready for another exciting golf season

It’s golf season again people! In an interview with one of the players, Payton Smith, he mentions the excitement he is experiencing going into this new season. Payton has worked hard to get to where he is today. He eat, sleeps, and breathes golf. He just recently signed to play the sport for Purdue Northwest. Because of previous cancellations due to the weather, their first game will occur tonight at South Shore. Tonight they face Rensselaer at our home course. Payton says that he is really looking forward to the season getting underway.
After talking to two other Hanover golfers, Tyler Maximoff, and Chris Tufts, I recognized they had the same feelings. Chris said he has a good feeling about this season and have great chances of winning all of their matches. Tyler adds to his statement to acknowledge that they are a part of a good team. Tyler has high hopes for this season as for the rest of the team.

Kylie Follmar

do you have a favorite subject?

The students at Hanover Central seem to have similar favorites when it comes to school subjects. According to a poll conducted this week, science, math, and history are the most popular subjects among students.

This week, a pool of 20 students were asked what their favorite school subject is. Of all subjects, science was the most selected option. A quarter of the students surveyed selected a science class as their favorite. 20% chose a history or math class as their favorite. The rest of the group was split quite evenly between English, Spanish, art, and music classes.
The students, from all four grade levels, have each taken classes in nearly every core subject. Most upperclassmen have taken several. While each student has a different experience in each subject, including different teachers and different classes, students seem to have an affinity for science and history classes. Science classes include Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Earth Science, and Anatomy. Hanover also offers two AP science classes, Biology and Environmental Science. Science teachers include Mr. Ciastko, Mrs. Kaste, Mr. Koulianos, Mr. Krol, and Mrs. Davlantis.
While it is unclear how many students are interested in pursuing a science-related career, it seems that many students would be interested in including more science classes in their daily schedule.

Andrew Lamparski\

Girls Tennis

Tennis season is now started! The Hanover Central girl’s tennis team has been looking forward to this time of the year for months now, and it is finally here. There are a few seniors on the team that this season is very bittersweet for them thinking of being away from a team they have been with all through high school. “It makes me really sad to think about it because I have learned so much from this team and my heart is truly in this sport. It has been my favorite part of high school.” Says Tess Martinez, senior at Hanover who has been playing her whole high school career. When asking Tess how she got involved in playing tennis she mentioned her sister who is eight years older than her who also played tennis. Lindsey was number one in singles when she was playing during her high school career. Tess said that she would go to her sister’s tennis matches and Mr. Whitacre, the tennis coach and also a history teacher at the school, would come up to her and show her how to hold her racket and hit the ball and made her fall in love with the sport.
The team has only had one match so far and they came out with a win. Tess Martinez and partner Sarah Blue were tied in their match and it got pretty exciting. “When we end up in a tie like that I get a fire under my feet and it’s really cool because Sarah and I fire each other up so there isn’t a time when we give up. When we come out of the tie, win or lose, we know that we gave it our all and we are so proud of each other.” As Tess told me she really feels like this season is going to turn out well by looking at their practices and the skills that they all have gained just since the end of last year, it excites her to see what the future holds for the team and the season.

Josie Clark

Boys golf is underway at HC once again

The golf team began their season on April 6th where they competed in the Hobart Scramble Invite. At this event, there were eight teams that competed from the region. Since this was the team’s first outdoor meet of the season the weather conditions where very unfavorable and with the bad conditions the par play was very slow and sluggish. I had the opportunity to talk to Payton Smith and Austin Umlauf who are the senior captains of the team who gave me their view of the playing field.
I started off by asking them how they wanted the team to play,Payton answered,”we wanted them to play with consistency in their scoring”. With that, Austin agreed with him on just keeping their scores consistent on how they play. For this event, Austin and Payton tied for the second best score out of the whole invitational.

Then I asked them about their personal goals for the season, and in reply Payton wants to win an individual conference championship,place top 3 at sectionals, and advance through the tough regional to punch his ticket to the Prestigious IHSAA state tournament final. As with Austin he wants to place in the conference ,sectionals and keep the advancement throughout the state series to make to the State Finals also. A little note that our area’s Regional is the toughest in the entire state and produces the most state players and champions.
Let’s say good luck to our wildcat golfers on their season.

Stosh Sitkowski

What’s your favorite movie?

There are so many opinions of what students favorite movies are. Some like comedy like Sophia Barbosa; her favorite is the classic Grown Ups and she describes it as “The perfect line up of actors and actresses in the movie.” Josie Clark’s personal favorite movie is War Room staring Priscilla Shirer and T.C. Stallings. Some students like Kylie Follmar likes a romantic movie like The Notebook staring Ryan Gosling and Rachel Adams. Shelby Collins prefers to watch a Disney classic Princess Diaries about a girl who now has to become a princess after her father dies. Freshmen Earlyne Long loves the movie Catching fire based on a book. Andrew Lamparski likes the 1983 film the Breakfast Club about students who all have detention and get to know each other.

Meghan Stewart prefers a comedy like Step Brothers staring Will Farrel and John C. Reilly. Some students like Matt Basewell like Remember the Titans a true story of a newly appointed African-American coach and his high school football team on their first season as a racially integrated unit. Personal friends of mine Steven and Scott like comedies like Space Jam and Next Friday with Ice Cube. Freshman Josh Riveras doesn’t care for anything else but comedy like Ride Along. Katherine Chavez is a big fan of the hit movie Kangaroo Jack. Makayla Debeor is a big fan of Mean Girls the classic movie made in 2005 staring Rachel Adams and Lindsey Lohan.

Devin Malum enjoys watching reruns of the Fast and Furious sequel while Alexis Mokos enjoys The Great Gatsby based on the lavish life styles back in the 1920s. Every student in the school has different opinions on what there favorite movie is and there are so many to choose from.

Steven Barach

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