“IT” Movie Review by Sebastian Priego

The 2017 horror film is a remake of Stephen King’s mini series It, made in 1990, which was based on the book written by horror novelist Stephen King. The remake was pretty much the same as the original in terms of the plot: Seven young outcasts in Derry, Maine, are about to face their worst nightmare- an ancient, shape-shifting evil that emerges from the sewer every 27 years to prey on the town’s children. Banding together over the course of one horrifying summer, the friends must overcome their own personal fears to battle the murderous, bloodthirsty clown known as Pennywise. The remake, however, is far scarier than the original, using jump scares, suspense, and occasional gore to shock and terrify viewers. It also had more character with the kids, each being their own personality. As for the actors playing Pennywise, Bill Skarsgard was very good; he was scary, dark, intimidating, and a little comical. The original Pennywise, played by Tim Curry, was, in my opinion, the opposite. He had his scary times, but most of the time, he was funny rather than intimidating; nonetheless, I still thought he played his part very well. Some of bits of information are different as well, such as the fact that IT comes out every 30 years in the original. But in the remake, IT comes out every 27 years. In my opinion, This movie did justice in terms of being a remake.


How football season is the best season by Jack Kuiper


Football season is the best season of the year. it’s fun because you go out there represent your school with all your friends. You can also see how you compare your talent to other peers from your school, or students from other schools. The coaches that we have here are all experienced coaches who can coach us very well, but they make it very fun at the same time. They know when we have to be serious, and when we can have fun, and I feel like the reason we have had so much success as a program is because of them. But My favorite thing about football season is the fact that you get to go out in front of most your school, show how good you are and how good you are as a team. Also you can’t forget about how fun it is to play

Hanover Phone Policies by Ryan Breedlove

In this day and age, phones are basically everyone’s whole life, and they go pretty much everywhere where we go. According to the Hanover Central policy, phones are supposed to be in your lockers at all times. Now, there are some teachers who allow phones, but only at certain times and I totally understand that. For example, it is rude if the teacher is talking and we just sit there on our phones. What can be changed and  is a little over the edge is the consequences you get from even having our phones on our desks or in sight where the teacher can see it. If we are doing nothing in class or just having independent work time, then we should be able to go on our phones because it gives us something to do. If it is an assignment that is due in class, then i understand why we can’t go on them then. But if students are receiving these one to two-hour detentions for having their phone out when it is a magnet to our everyday life and to someone people an every second magnet, then why even let us bring our phones to school.

Need Changes in School Lunches by Jackson Foreman

School lunches are always a topic. Many students complain about the food that they give us or the portion sizes, etc. Ideally, the portion sizes could be larger, and it would be nice to have more selections. On a daily basis, we are offered two different choices for our main meal, but we should have more choices with a variety of different foods. On pizza days we typically choose between cheese or pepperoni pizza, but what if we also had the option of a chicken sandwich or other foods that the students might want? In addition to that, they need to switch up the days we eat those foods, instead of having taco Tuesday almost every Tuesday and pizza on nearly every Friday of the school year. It would be great to have changes to our lunches.

Don’t Walk Past The Sergeants Table ~ by Ashley Owen

“I was told to slowly backup like a dumptruck,” Mrs. Taborski begins laughing. Okay, okay, back it up. Why was our Credit Recovery teacher backing up like a dumptruck? Well, little do you know, Mrs. Taborski was in the U.S Military. “I needed a tremendous change in my life, and I couldn’t think of anything more tremendous,” Mrs. Taborski said when I asked her why she joined the military. She was a Patriot Missile Crew Member, the people who enabled and launched our patriot missiles. During our interview she told me a story about just another day in the chow hall (lunchroom) in basic training. “I walked into the chow hall, and in chow hall you are supposed to just eat your food and don’t look anyone in the eyes. So I go in and get my lunch, sit down, and eat. Once I finished I went to go turn in my tray and throw out my garbage. I walked past the sergeant table, about six or seven sergeants were sitting there, to throw everything away. BIG mistake. I was about the tenth private to walk past them. They stopped me and all yelled at me for about five minutes. Then one sergeant comes up to me and very quietly says, “Now, back up like a dumptruck, Private,” so I follow orders and slowly back up. Then they stop me and I freeze, they said “Private, what sound does a dump truck make?!” so, I start beeping and backing up,” says Mrs. Taborski, laughing at the memory. “Oh, that’s not all! They made me stand with one leg up on a seat and one on the floor, arms crossed and pointing in different directions. I was like a street sign, warning privates not to go the same way I did.” she concluded. Mrs. Taborski not only grew as an amazing person in the military, but she also met Mr. Taborski. They’re now married, and Mr. Taborski is the head of the cafeteria staff. To say the least, the Taborski family is a great one. If you ever have the chance, I recommend asking Mrs. Taborski about her time in the military or about anything really. She has stories for everything. Hanover is truly blessed to have staff member like Mrs. Taborski.

Student Athletes by Brenden Bonner


Life as a student athlete can be very fun and exciting, but it can also be very stressful at the same time. School itself can be very challenging at times, and adding a sport on top of it can become incredibly hard on the student athlete. A lot of student athletes are stuck at the school for many hours and sometimes can’t find time to do homework. To be a good student, you need to maintain good grades. To be an athlete, you need to maintain skills and put in a lot of time. Consequently, to be a student athlete, you are expected to do both. Student athletes have many responsibilities, and it gets rough, but being a student athlete comes with many benefits. Student athletes might have conflicts with homework and school but the student athletes get recognized for their great work on and off the field.I am a student athlete myself, and I truly enjoy it. There are many student athletes in this school and they should be noticed for all of their hard work.

Wildcat Pride by Dominic Lucido

Have you ever attended a football game on Friday night? How about the basketball home opener? If the answer to those questions is no, than we need to change that.  School spirit is a big part of high school and can improve your overall high school experience.   It allows students to get involved with their high school, perform better academically, and they generally are happier than those students with no school spirit.  In addition, school spirit can play a role in the outcome of a game, match, or meet. If you were playing, you would want to hear the crowd cheering, not looking in the crowd and seeing vacant seats. Having a big crowd motivates players to do better, and helps them achieve more. That is something we should improve here at Hanover Central. Pep rallies, tailgates, and other activities need to be organized here, for the benefit of this school. Students should want to go to the games, be loud, and cheer on their peers. For a school that exceeds 700 students, our student section should be bigger than what it is.  If more students attended sporting events, I’m willing to bet that our teams would do better. We need to start taking pride in our school no matter what, and help support everything that goes on here.

Amount of Homework Students Leave School with by: Kyle Anderson

Do you leave school dreading all of the homework you have to do? The Atlantic Newspaper did an article on The University of Michigan’s study found that the average student age 6-17 spent three hours and 38 minutes per week doing homework. A 2007 Metlife study found that 45 percent of students in grades three to twelve spend more than an hour a night doing homework including the six percent of students who report spending more than three hours a night on their homework. This is hard for some student because of after school activities, sports or other extra curricular after school activities could consume a lot of your time to do homework. Homework is just one part of school work that needs to be done.

Benefits of Driving in High School by Isabella Hathaway

Students who have taken Driver’s Ed can get their license at sixteen and three months, without Driver’s Ed it is sixteen and nine months. Anyone with their license can apply for a parking permit and drive to school. There are many benefits to having your driver’s license in high school. The biggest benefit, in my opinion, is never having to ride the school bus again! All joking aside, having your license can help you become more responsible and independent. It opens up the opportunity of earning an income. With your license, you can look for a job and drive to and from work without relying on someone else. Paying for car insurance and gasoline for your car teaches you to manage and budget your money. Speaking of management, having your license can improve your time management. Driving to school and work can help you learn how to be on time. One of the greatest benefits of driving is freedom and independence. This freedom can teach you responsibility and sometimes consequences, which can slowly prepare you for life as an adult, where money management, time management, and responsibility will be important.

Should Teachers Give us Study Guides By Nicole Novorita

Tests. We all have them, some easier than others, but we all have them. We all have crammed the night before the test or even minutes before, re-reading our sloppy notes that sometimes don’t even have the correct information that is going to be on the test. If teachers made study guides, this would significantly help students prevent this misinformation. It sounds so simple, but not many teachers do this favor for his or her students. It would benefit us as students by giving us the information that is exactly on the test so we know what we have to study; furthermore, by doing this, it would ease our stress levels and our workload, therefore, making the studying easier. Lastly, this might facilitate students in their studying habits, which would lead to an increase in test scores and less need for extra help in and out of school. But then there are teachers who say that it is more beneficial for their students to know all of the notes because it is valuable information, while that is true it puts more stress on the students. All together, study guides are a great tool to have and are beneficial to students.